We can formulate a wide variety of medications for your littles. Many times medication does not come in liquid form and compounding provides us the ability to get your littles treated with a custom prescription. Look at our alternative dosing options: suspensions, solutions, topicals, suppositories and more!

Find the dose and dosage form that best fits you! With bio-identical hormone replacement we can work with your providers and deliver personalized care for your individual needs. We have the ability to tailor everything from dose to form (ie capsule, topical, troche) and even combine multiple drugs in 1 prescription!

With our personalized approach we can create a compound that fits your pain needs. We can combine medications for topical use, bypass 1st pass metabolism and potential drug interactions. Let us help you Live Better.

Our pets are like family to us! Not everything is made to the strength or dosage form that they may need. We make it easier for you to treat the ones you love. *examples of dosage forms: suspension, solutions, topical, treat?

What is a compound?

It is a process by which a pharmacist prepares drugs by combining, mixing, or altering ingredients into a pharmaceutical preparation. These preparations are designed to be administered by a route that does not require sterility, in accordance with a practitioner’s prescription drug order.

Why compound?

  • We can tailor the dose and dosage form to meet all needs –including pediatric and vet
  • If you have sensitivies or allergies to some ingredients including; binders, preservatives and dyes
  • We can combine several medications into 1 dosage form!
  • If you can’t take medication how it is available from the manufacturer – we can potentially make it a cream, liquid or other form
  • We can help make medication more palatable, especially in kids and pets