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Fall Allergies – Your Functional rx Podcast

It’s September here in Charlotte, NC, and we rank top ten in the nation for allergies. Something every city wants to rank for, right? With lots of pollen now in the air, allergies are starting to spike, & more people are coming in to Dilworth Drug & Wellness Center for antihistamines all the time. Let’s talk about the why behind the allergies, how to get in front of it, our DD&WC favorite natural products to help prevent the symptoms of allergies, and how you can get back to living your most vibrant life.


The WHY needs attention before allergy season hits. if you can get the body good signals before the allergens come, then that’s the best way to do it.

WHY do we have allergies?

Why is fall allergy season? Most people get their allergies cyclically – in the fall and in the spring. Spring for obvious reasons, everything is blooming. But, why the fall, too? Think about it – in the fall, it’s time to reseed, aerate, and do all that stuff to your yards. is a great useful resource to check on severity levels when you know your specific allergies.

Commonly, people don’t understand that our immune systems are not supposed to be so hyperactive. A lot of the time it’s because there’s some sort of balance issue with the gut or other things going on in the body triggering a histamine released in the body causing the symptoms you have – inflammation, runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing,

Hand in hand with talk of allergies and their symptoms, we talk about food allergies, too. Leaky guts are sometimes the underlying culprit mimicking seasonal allergy responses. (Read more on that here: Not only can it mimic seasonal allergy reactions, but the gut is our first line of defense, so if it’s out of whack, allergens can more readily affect our systems.


Why would you take the supplements before you have the symptoms? As in a preventative measure. More than half of our clients come in with the symptoms already, but what they don’t realize is that they could avoid all the symptoms they are experiencing if they took the preventative steps. We can help you understand what nutrients to target and in the right amount/dosage to front load along with D-Hist, take it 3x/day for about a week to get the cells saturated to then stabilize the 10+ cascading reactions so that when the histamine or response comes, it doesn’t floods the system with histamine that gives you the reaction. Sometimes we use it in tandem with RX nasal sprays RX antihistamines etc but DD&WC goal is to get you off the antihistamines that make you feel like crap. Everybody has the right to feel vibrantly healthy. Being proactive is the functional response!

We treat the upstream approach to allergies here at Dilworth. The reason we do that is because it is so much more effective. Antihistamines block histamines which blocks the symptoms of the allergies but doesn’t resolve the root cause of the allergy. We work on peoples’ guts a lot, if there’s ever gut dysbiosis it can cause leaky gut and allergy symptoms to trigger. The Dilworth Drug & Wellness Center upstream approach to allergies includes some of our favorite natural products…


Functional pharmacy is like a dimmer switch – we are dimming things down so they don’t get so severe, not an on or off switch like medications do. I’ve never met someone who loves taking medications, so that’s our goal: to help you ditch the ‘pill for every ill’ mentality. It’s not just what we eat but also what we can put in as a supplement. There are targeted nutrients you can take when you front load the body and the cells are saturated with these phytonutrients. We can help get people off the antihistamines which typically make you feel pretty crappy. Our community favorite natural remedy (read: replacement) to antihistamines is D-Hist.

D-Hist, our power hitter for seasonal allergies. The main driver in D-hist is quercetin – a phytonutrient that helps block & stabilize the mast cells that make histamines, also includes stinging nettle, vitamin-c, bromelain (found in core of pineapples, an enzyme), and n-acetyl-l-cysteine. D-Hist is a natural supplement that is greatly effective at eliminating symptoms of allergies. Taken seasonally, or year round. Does not cause drowsiness or other negative side effects. D-Hist is really effective in blocking the histamine cascade & some of the inflammatory cascades.

HIST-RESIST® coming soon! Josh helped formulate. Ashwangandha and adaptogenic herbs which help with the stress response and immune response of allergens. Supports healthy histamine levels, promotes normal mucus viscosity, class sinus and nasal passages, and contains no wheat gluten corn dairy soy or yeast!

‘Well, I’ll just see what google says about my symptoms…’ Just say no to Dr. Google – there’s a lot of components that go into making sure you have the appropriate combination of products and right amounts to fit your needs. This is why we vet the supplements we carry at Dilworth Drug so much to ensure there’s an outcome driven piece that drives results based on efficacy.

So this is your reminder: start early, take advantage of some products that will help you get out in front of the allergies and you’ll be happier this allergy season!

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