What is pediatric compounding?

A custom made prescription that can be tailored to your child’s needs. We can take your concerns, problem solve, and create a version of the medication that your child can tolerate, without altering its effectiveness.

My child has been prescribed a medication that only comes in capsule or pill form. How do I get my child to swallow his or her medicine?

We can help by compounding your child’s prescribed medication into a flavorful oral suspension. Allowing your child to be more likely to take his or her medicine without  fewer spills and loss of medicine.

My child has a sensitivity to his or her medication. Can you help?

We can help by compounding your child’s medication without any sugars, glutens, dyes, or fillers that could be causing the sensitivity.

My child needs medication that does not come in children’s strength?

We can create smaller doses that are exact and proportional to your child, so you don’t have to split up pills or guess at dosing.

What are your top 5 pediatric compounds?

– Lansoprazole/Omeprazole Suspension 
– Diaper Rash Cream 
– Promethazine Gel 
– Oral Thrush