What is dermatology compounding?

Dermatology compounding is the combination of any number of medications that are specifically formulated to help treat, control, or manage a particular problem or concern a patient would have with their skin.  Using specialized equipment to aid the compounding process, the compounding lab is able to ensure the finished product is well and completely mixed and the medication within is reduced to its smallest particle size.  This helps the medication get through the skin to where they do their work!

I have tried using a commercial prescription, but it breaks me out.  Is there anything I can do?

We specialize in creating custom formulations to work around any sensitivity, allergy, or adverse reaction caused by another product.  Our goal is to help treat what ails and to do so at no detriment to you.  We work closely with you and your doctor to provide you the best possible outcome.

Is my compound covered by insurance?

We do attempt billing insurance on all compounds, but most insurance companies limit what sorts of prescriptions they will cover.  We never compound anything without first billing your insurance and contacting you with their determination to discuss the costs involved with preparing your prescription.  We offer our Dilworth Loyalty pricing to all of our compounding patients to help with the costs of your prescriptions not covered by your insurance.

Are compounds better or more effective than another prescription or OTC version?

In compounding, we tailor your dose specifically to your needs by either increasing or decreasing the concentration of the drug based on your doctor’s recommendation for your treatment.  It is truly personalized medicine for your skin type and diagnosis.  One size rarely ever “fits most.”

Top 5 Dermatology Compounds:

– All Purpose Nipple Ointment for nursing mothers
– Oliver’s Ointment for warts
-Metronidazole-Niacinamide cream or serum for acne/rosacea   
-Benzocaine-Lidocaine-Tetracaine cream for in-office procedures
-Triamcinolone in Eucerin for eczema