• Nutrigenomic Testing

    Have you ever wondered what your genetic profile could tell you about your health?

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  • Health Coaching

    Understanding where to begin your journey is the most difficult part when making a lifestyle change. Fear of failure creeps in and you don’t know if you are ready to start. Our health coach is here to eliminate those fears.

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  • Food Sensitivity Testing

    Reviewing a food sensitivity test with a health care provider can help you understand some reasons behind any dysfunctions or negative symptoms. Meeting with a nutrition professional can help guide you in the right direction when altering your daily dietary habits.

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  • Body Composition Analysis

    The InBody 570 is the ultimate machine to monitor your weight as well as your percentage of lean muscle and body fat. The InBody 570 Analysis sheet provides an extensive display of parameters that can be used to evaluate the composition of muscle, fat, bone, and hydration status.

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  • Nutrition Assessment

    Our Registered Dietetic Technician, Nutritionist on staff has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nutrition from an A.C.E.N.D. accredited university, so that you don’t have to go back to school to decipher reliable health information.

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  • Supplement Review

    At Dilworth Functional Wellness, we believe food should come first before supplements but sometimes our food intake leaves a lot to be desired. Should you find yourself taking supplements, it is best to understand why you are taking the supplement and if it is right for you.

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  • CBD Consult

    Curious about all of the CBD hype? We can help empower you to make sure you are well educated on CBD before you try it for yourself.

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