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  • Functional Wellness

    Learn about our story and why we started Dilworth Functional Wellness. Our team members have a goal to help our clients reach their optimal health. If you have not been to our store, we invite you to stop by and see the difference.
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  • FIrst Step

    Anytime you embark on a new journey, having an understanding of the steps required makes it easier to begin. So step 1 is about educating yourself on Functional and Integrative Medicine and the benefits it provides.
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  • Services

    Our wellness services are personalized to each patient. We take the time to get to know you, and what your health goals are. Each person's unique plan is designed to give them the tools they need to successfully attain optimal wellness.
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Functional Wellness Pharmacy in Charlotte, NC

  • Health Coaching

    Health coaching gives you a partner in your journey that helps you find a place to start, keep you accountable, and focus on building on positive momentum.

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

    Food Sensitivities can be genetic or caused by other factors, but it is basically undetectable without a test.

  • Body Composition Analysis

    The InBody 570 is the ultimate machine to monitor your weight as well as your percentage of lean muscle and body fat.

  • Nutrigenomic Testing

    The scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes

  • Nutrition Assessment

    The nutrition assessment begins with the gathering of important and relevant health information in order to determine a personalized approach to lifestyle intervention.

  • Supplement Review

    Should you find yourself taking supplements, it is best to understand why you are taking the supplement and if it is right for you.

Functional Wellness Videos

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    Find out more about why Dilworth Drug & Wellness Center works differently than traditional pharmacies and believes in alternative therapies to the “the pill for every ill” approach to medicine.