What is a Vet Compound?

A vet compound is any prescription medication that is formulated specifically for your pet! Using the compounding method, we are able to make the medication at any particular strength for your animal. We can also make it into other formulations so that it is easier to get your pet to take their medication. Ask us about our many flavoring options too!

Do I need a prescription for my pet’s medications?

Yes! We take prescriptions for our animal patients just like we do for human patients. Ask your veterinarian to send us a prescription or give us a call and we can help come up with the best formulation for your animal!

If I have prescription insurance, but my pet doesn’t, can I use my insurance to fill a prescription for them?

Unfortunately, no. Insurances are for personal use only. However, our pharmacy has a Loyalty Pricing Program, to help with cost.

How can I get my animal to take their medication?

There are a ton of ways that our compounding lab can help ensure your pet gets their full dose of their medication! We can change the formulation of a drug from a capsule to a suspension, so it is easier for the medicine to go down. Another way to help make the process easier for both you and your pet is by getting their medications flavored! We have a wide range of flavors, including tuna, chicken, bacon, liver, beef, and peanut butter!

Top 5 Veterinary Compounds:

    • Amlodipine – for high blood pressure
    • Doxycycline – for bacterial infections
    • Fluoxetine – for separation anxiety, inappropriate urination, and other behavioral issues
    • Methimazole – for an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)
    • Prednisolone – for anti-inflammatory