Our highly qualified clinical pharmacist will sit down for a 1-1 personalized consultation. During our visit we look at optimizing therapeutic outcomes for you. Our pharmacists can help make sure you are benefiting from your medications by looking at managing your drug therapy and identifying, preventing and resolving drug therapy problems. That is just the start! There are so many avenues that we can explore depending on your needs and wants. This is a custom plan that we create with you to ensure optimal results.

A  Wellness Visit is beneficial for anyone who is:

  • Taking multiple medications or supplements
  • Experiencing side effects
  • Wanting personalized adherence packaging
  • Interested in decreasing pill burden
  • Looking to save money on medication
  • Wanting a better quality of life!
  • Interested in their health care potential

During your 45 minute review you can expect:

  • 1-1 time with a clinical pharmacist
  • Thorough review of medications including;
    • Drug nutrient depletion’s
    • Immunization history
    • Side effect questions
    • Disease state-medication match
  • A printed plan to address problems identified
  • Potential cost savings
  • Increase quality of life
  • A sense of empowerment involving your health care options

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Functional Rx Podcast

Are my medications causing side effects?

All medications have the potential to cause side effects.  A clinical pharmacist can help discover the causes through our Wellness Visit.

Can I save money on my prescriptions?

There are lots of ways we can help you save money!  By taking a look at the whole picture we can work on getting you savings on your out of pocket costs.

Can you help me organize my medications?

Absolutely!  We are happy to add that service to make your life easier.  See our WellPack for more information.

Are there any drug interactions with my medications?

Medications can have drug interactions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take them together.  Our clinical pharmacist can evaluate your risk during our Wellness Visit to make sure that you are taking them appropriately.

What if I just want to feel better?

We want that too!  Our clinical pharmacist develops a care plan with you that we  work on to achieve the goals.  This includes monthly or quarterly check-ins.