Americans are getting sicker every day. No one hesitates to take a pill for just about every ailment or health condition. The problem with this approach is it only treats the symptoms, but provides no cure. At Dilworth Drug & Wellness, we do not believe in this “pill for every ill” approach to medicine. We don’t believe people are depressed because they aren’t producing enough Prozac. Their cholesterol isn’t bad because they don’t secrete enough Lipitor. There is a reason, and we want to find it! We take an integrative & functional approach to your health and look for the root cause of your health concerns and imbalances.

We believe our patients have the right to be vibrantly healthy! Our goal is to free people from a lifelong dependency of taking chronic medications that only treat the symptoms, but provide no cure. In the process we will empower a healthier community.

Our integrative/functional pharmacy model blends traditional pharmaceutical care (medicine) with complementary and alternative treatments to your health and well-being. We believe that food is the best medicine. We love clean eating. We go beyond the pill in everything we do, we call it the “Dilworth” approach, where there is always something more than just your prescription that can help you achieve better health, wellness, and balance in your life. We are passionate about wellness and are here to help you find it! Functional training is a large part of how we approach your health and prescription management.

Simply put: Dispensing medications is no longer good enough. We go beyond the pill. It’s time for Americans to start living and being healthy. Your path to wellness starts here. At DD&WC, we empower patients to make informed, confident decisions about their health and well-being–supporting them with customized strategies to