I like to be known as the pharmacist that dislikes drugs, and let me tell you why. After many years of dispensing medications to thousands of patients for many different chronic conditions, I began to see the same pattern, over and over again. My patients were not getting any better! Their symptoms were being managed (blood pressure controlled, cholesterol numbers going down, blood sugar at target), but their conditions for which they were taking these medications were not reversing or getting better. In fact, over time, what usually happened was my patients would take more and more medications and get less and less healthy. I started searching for a better way.

This is where I found Integrative and Functional Medicine. The Integrative/Functional approach to health looks for the root causes of illness and dysfunction and explores ways to treat those imbalances with the patient (not the practitioner) at the center of their care. I passionately believe this root caused, patient centered approach is the true meaning of real healthcare. This is why we do what we do at Dilworth Drug & Wellness.